Online Appointment Solutions for Barbers

Online Appointment Solutions for Barbers

As we all adjust to new ways of living and working in a COVID landscape - many industries are turning to technology to assist them in their day job.  This may involve despatching goods direct to customers through courier services, for some it means more consultations over video conference - for some a completely new way of working may be required.

Neway Technology has been helping the barber industry for years - and has a sound understanding of what works and what does not work in terms of technology in the barbershop.  We have made available a queue watch system - which has found good application in specific circumstances - but today - we not only need to reduce the queue - but eliminate it altogether.  The indsutry understands that having a line of people sat adjacent to each other on a Saturday morning is no longer going to cut it for the sake of our customers safety.

To combat the dreaded queue - we have one weapon at our disposal that does just that - it's online appointment systems.  They've been around for years - and we've implemented solutions for Physios, Online music tuition schools & barbers.

Setting up your diary online means that people can make an appointment to get their haircut or wetshave with you at their convenience - without disturbing you - in a way that has many advantages.

  1. No need to pick up the phone anymore to book an appointment or say "we've got six in the queue right now"
  2. Your diary will fill itself - your customers will get used to booking online - with no intervention from you.
  3. You can easily add in breaks / holidays adhoc to flex with your needs
  4. We don't bill your client up front - nor take a commission - they pay you as you see fit (cash / contactless)

We are a technology company with global clients - advising household names on how to best work with the internet to improve their business.  We apply this understanding to the barber shop market - and this means a great product for you with a solid support system behind the scenes that will be around for a long time. 

We'll provide you with a web page that not only allows your customers to book their haircut online - but also to showcase your shop - demonstrate where you are - describe your services and prices - all within a technically advanced solution that is performant and well favoured by Google.

The fee for the solution is based on a per seat license - £18 + VAT / month each.  Working out if this is competitive becomes clear when consideting a £12 haircut - times 14 per day - times 5 days x 4 days per week => works out at 0.64% of your income.

This is a robust platform - proven over years - and will prove to be popular - as barbers setup shop online. 

If you are interested in reserving your place on the platform - please fill in the form below and we'll be in touch.

We're working through our list in order of application - but are confident we can get everybody online for the time they need to be.